We have been selling HARMO Vacuum cups, Holders, and Gripper for 20 years. In the past, there were not too many HARMO robots in the North America. Now, HARMO has an office in America.
WE list few EOAT( Chucking Parts) items here. We suggest you use ​"nile air tools" nippers for de-gating application. Nile offers many different types of nippers such a " Slide and Cut types",  ​Machine fitting Types for cutting large molded parts. Example, Automotive bumpers.

 As for Vacuum cups, we carry PIAB , Convum, Anver,
MORALI Vactec Systems  from Germany.

Foam vacuum cups: We have tools (dies) to make the size up to 75 mm. We use close cell Ssilicone.

SMA-Series, Holders
SMA-1, SMA-1-15, SMA-1-20, SMA-1-25, SMA-1-30; Last digit is stoke.
Argosys: HA02J- series
SMC-series,  Holders
SMC-2, SMA-2-15, SMA-2-20, SMA-2-25, SMC-2-30. ​​Last digit is the stroke. Argosys : HA 01J-series
Use "NILE" to replace FH-OS, 1S nippers
nile air tools has many types of de-gating nippers for your applications.
HARMO now has office in USA
VP6LS, VP8LS, VP10LS, VP15LS, -Smaller cup, use SMA-2-sereis cup holders. VP20LS, VP30LS, VP40LS use SMA-1
series cup holders.